Blowing Out The Breathtaking Fear

I feel like I have been holding my breath, just waiting for the world to go back to something I recognize again.

But it just doesn’t…

Today, my sister called and told me she tested positive for Covid. My best friend is awaiting her results. My sister lost her sense of smell and taste, while she is very pregnant with my nephew. My ex called to tell me his father and grandmother are both positive for Covid and his uncle who’s fighting cancer, is in the hospital dying. That is just the small stuff though, because I am trying to survive my greatest fear… something I literally knew I was afraid of but just tried to be positive and not bring it into my life….

My son has had what everyone thought was a polyp in his nose. Today, I learned it may be more than a polyp. So my mental capacity for coping is pretty much consumed by this at the moment.

To be continued …..

Author: Niki Maria

I love to be authentic to how I see the world with bipolar disorder, and I grow as a person everyday in my art and love of web development. I have a soft spot for special needs children and adults, and have a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My primary focus is to share my love of technology and healing to anyone who wants to learn more.

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